Rodrigo Guzman de S.M. (RSM)

Mexico City, 1988



Born in Mexico City, RSM (Rodrigo Guzman) is a composer, interdisciplinary artist, and art historian. He is interested in the bridging of the artistic, the scientific and the technological. In his artistic work, he explores diverse phenomena that challenge our notions of scientific certainty and individual intuition, such as the mapping of galaxies or the function of insect singing. In his music, RSM seeks to find inspiration in language and the environment, both natural and constructed. He seeks to work on projects that require collaboration across different disciplines so he often reaches out to scientists, engineers, technologists, philosophers, and the like. He studied violin and music theory in Mexico City, and has developed artistic projects through exhibitions and residencies in Mexico City, Estonia, Lithuania, New Mexico and New York. RSM currently lives and works between New York and Vienna.


A.K.A. RSM, Rodrigo Guzmán de San Martin, Дришек, Rhema, Сан Мартин...Artenion...




Exhibitions & Presentations

2017 | Suono Specchio. Poster presentation at NIME 2017 conference (New Interfaces for Musical Expression), May 15-18. Copenhagen, Denmark.

2016 | "Void: North, West, South, East." Sound installation for Kurt Steger’s Scribing the Void. ODETTA. Brooklyn, NY, USA.

            "Gryllus for Marcus Garvey." FLUX Art Fair 2016. Marcus Garvey Park, New York, NY, USA.

2014 | "Planetario: Observaciones Estelares Especulativas." Y Galerii. Tartu, Estonia.

            "Dorado/Lacerta constellations·tähtkujud." Teaduskeskus AHHAA. Tartu, Estonia.

2013 | "Art at the Border: 21st Century Responses." 516 Arts Gallery. Albuquerque, NM, USA.



2017 | Jan 26. Void: North, West, South, East. Hartford Symphony Orchestra. Hartford, CT, USA.

2013 | Oct 12. Demo: Interweave [Laboratorium]. 516 Arts Gallery. Albuquerque, NM, USA.

2012 | Nov 3. Sic loqvitvr vocem organi. During Tania Candiani's "Five Variations..." Laboratorio Arte Alameda. Mexico City, Mexico.



2015 | May-Jun. Food Justice Thematic Residency. Santa Fe Art Institute. Santa Fe, NM, USA.

2014 | Mar-Apr. Noor-Eesti Loomekeskus (Creative Center Carnation). Tartu, Estonia.

            Jan. Nidos meno kolonija (Nida Art Colony). Nida, Lithuania.



2015 | Mar. Awesome Foundation NYC Chapter grantee.